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First author publications

[1] Prigent, S.*, Valades-Cruz, C. A.*, Leconte, L.*, Maury, L., Salamero, J., Kervrann, C. BioImageIT: Open-source framework for integration of image data-management with analysis. Nature Methods (2022).

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Corresponding author publications

[1] Prigent S, Valades-Cruz CA, Leconte L, Salamero J, Kervrann C. STracking: a free and open-source Python library for particle tracking and analysis. Bioinformatics (2022).

Other publications

[1] Lemaigre, C., Ceuppens, A., Valades-Cruz, C.A., Ledoux, B., Vanbeneden, B., Hassan, M., Zetterberg, F.R., Nilsson, U.J., Johannes, L., Wunder, C., Renard, H.-F. and Morsomme, P. N-BAR and F-BAR proteins – Endophilin-A3 and PSTPIP1 – control clathrin-independent endocytosis of L1CAM. Traffic. (2023)

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Reviews, Perspective & Comments

[1] Valades-Cruz CA*, Leconte L*, Fouche G*, Blanc T*, Van Hille N*, Fournier K, Laurent T, Gallean B, Deslandes F, Hajj B, Faure E, Argelaguet F, Trubuil A, Isenberg T, Masson J-B, Salamero J, Kervrann C Challenges of intracellular visualization using virtual and augmented reality. Frontiers in Bioinformatics (2022).

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Preprints and submitted papers

[1] Valades-Cruz C. A.*, Barth R.*, Abdellah M.*, Shaban H. A. Genome-wide analysis of the dynamic and biophysical properties of chromatin and nuclear proteins in living cells with Hi-D. bioRxiv (2022)

[2] Papereux S.*, Leconte L.*, Valades-Cruz C. A.*, Liu T., Dumont J., Chen Z., Salamero J., Kervrann C., Badoual A. DeepCristae, a CNN for the restoration of mitochondria cristae in live microscopy images. bioRxiv (2023)

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