Biological imaging has experienced a big development of new microscopy techniques that allows visualization of sub-cellular components and organelles, with better spatial and temporal resolution. Nevertheless, the interaction between cell biology, fluorescence microscopy and informatics brings new challenges, including big data analysis and 4D visualization. During my research career, I have focused mainly on image processing and data analysis of two different multi-disciplinary problems: Quantitative nanoscale imaging of orientational order and 3D Intracellular process tracking and visualization. In addition, I work in Data pre-processing and Data management.

Quantitative nanoscale imaging of orientational order.

Ultrastructure imaging of actin assemblies imaged by polarized light sheet microscopy.

About: Ongoing collaboration in the frame of France BioImaging R&D program for image processing of polarized light sheet microscopy data with Dr. Sophie Brasselet, Institut Fresnel.

Ultrastructure imaging

Imaging and analysis of intracellular processes for 3D+time live cell imaging

About: INRIA IPL project, initiated to implement novel machine-learning methods able to detect the main regions of interest, and automatic quantification of sparse sets of molecular interactions and cell processes during navigation to save memory and computational resources.

3D spots and cell segmentation

Classification of endocytic entry mechanisms.

About: Analysis of different modes of endocytosis: clathrin-mediated, and glyco(sphingo)lipid/lectin (termed GL-Lect)-mediated, using LLSM and single particle 3D tracking.

LLSM and 3D single particle tracking

Image preprocessing and Data management.

BioImageIT: open-source integrator for Image DATA management and analysis.

About: Ongoing project of the Serpico-STED Team in the frame of the NRI (National Research Infrastructure – France BioImaging) and dissemination toward the 18 Imaging Facilities that constitute the Core of the Infrastructure.